CALLUSPEELING® is a delicate and pleasant treatment, which gives a new shine and an extraordinary softness to the feet.
It’s easy to perform for immediate results the first time.

CALLUSPEELING® treatment can be performed during normal pedicure instead of blades, cutters or drills. The absence of blades avoids any danger of bleeding.

Mavex is a Swiss company that manufactures and distributes worldwide natural cosmetics based on medicinal herbs and alpine plants.
Mavex‘s cosmetics do not contain parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oil or paraffin. Not tested on animals, they are produced in full respect of environment and nature according to high level quality standards under stringent quality controls.
They feature precious herbal active ingredients and next-generation phytocomplex, result of the Swiss most advanced research and cutting-edge production technologies.
Their particularly pure formula and the absence of chemical ingredients make them particularly useful and compatible with all skin types.
Their velvety textures meld with the skin, penetrating deeply without greasing, while their natural perfumes always provide deep sensual emotions

We use the premium Lycon wax to prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful sting. Amazingly, our hot wax will remove short, stubborn hair leaving your skin soft and smooth with no sticky residue.

Just Gel Polish - the strong 100% pure gel formula that wears like a classic true gel. Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even color. And time is on your side because this versatile gel polish cures quickly under either LED or UV light. It also protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear. Gel removal is cinch, too.

Anti Bump Foaming Gel

With lemon tea tree, arnica and calendula

With carefully chosen purifying ingredients, anti bump foaming gel leaves skin super clean, soft, smooth and moisturised.  Highy effective in combatting ingrown hairs, blemishes, congested pores and bumpy skin. Ph Balanced so perfect to use an intimate wash.

Directions: Use daily as a hand or body wash, For body, apply to a mitt or loofah in the shower, or simply add to running bath water to create a bubble bath.